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We are a volunteer led charity registered in the UK (1130232)

We work to improve lives of orphans, ordinary men and women in Afghanistan.

At least 10 million people are thought to have fled the region to avoid the continuous wave of conflict that has troubled Afghanistan over the last 30 years i.e. the Afghan Cold War, the Afghan civil war, and the war between NATO and the Taliban.

Although many refugees have now returned, at least 2.7 million people remain in voluntary exile because of the appalling conditions at home.

Our Vision

At Aryana Aid, we aspire and work towards a world in which access to food, clean water, education and healthcare is the norm in poor countries. We believe everyone should live in peace and harmony, without prejudice or discrimination.

Charity volunteers at Aryana Aid are drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds.

We have first-hand knowledge and experience in Afghanistan. Our aim is to empower local communities through emergency aid and long-term sustainability projects such as our Orphan Sponsorship, Widow Skills Training, and Water and Electricity projects.

Charity volunteers at Aryana Aid are drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds including IT, the law, media and business.

Since launching in 2009, we’ve used 100% of the donations collected by our head office in London to fund the initiatives led by volunteers at our satellite office in Kabul.


Afghanistan Education system has made huge strides since the end of the taliban regime

Afghanistan’s education system has made huge strides since the end of the Taliban regime, and the number of children attending school — especially girls — has skyrocketed.

But in many parts of the country, there are not enough schools to accommodate the growing classes.

Radio Free Afghanistan correspondent Sabawoon visited schools in Nangahar Province, where children were attending open-air classes.

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We work with the local Afghan community to deliver emergency aid and long term sustainability through our orphan sponsorship, widow skills training, and water and electricity projects.
CHARITY No. 1130232
020 8804 3561
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